Garage Cabinets

A. Turn your garage into a fully function yet efficient workroom that offers valuable counter space, shelving and storage. Recessed Cabinets above the Workbench give you ample room to make your project come to life. Cabinets shown with Deco Drawers and Doors with Glass Inserts and Crown Molding for a nice finish.

B. This spiffy Garage Cabinet System is complimented with Tall, Upper and Lower Cabinets, an Optional Platform, a nicely functional Laminate Workbench, and Pegboard for extra organization options.

C. Transform a cluttered and inefficient garage into a Closets by Design Garage. Make the most of your storage space with our Tall and Upper Cabinets with Adjustable Shelves, Doors and Lower cabinets with Drawers. This system is design and built on an Optional Platform and Workbench with Pegboard Backing for your tools.

D. A Closets by Design garage will cut down the clutter dramatically. This Floor-Based System designed with plenty of counter and storage space is ideal for any home. Whether your hobbies include gardening of woodworking, this system can accommodate your needs.

E. When it comes to home storage, its all about maximizing your available space, both vertically and horizontally. Neatly store your athletic gear, tools, household goods and seasonal items on sturdy shelves inside Tall Cabinets, all behind closet doors.

F. Take your garage a step further and transform it into your workshop, garden center or arts and crafts room; all with plenty of storage space. Expand your options with this L-Shaped Garage Cabinets arrangement with deco doors and drawers. Shown with Designwall, Racor, wall mount organizers and easy to maintain Traxtile Flooring in Grey.

G. Finding creative ways to manage your home storage is so important; Closets by Design can help you do this with our custom Garage Cabinets. Any garage can be maximized to hold more than you might image with Tall Storage Cabinets, Upper Cabinets, Drawers and Shelves. Shown here with a Laminate Countertop with study Pegboard Backing for organizing your tools above the Workbench.